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In other wonderlands

03 Alice Skates Through the Looking Glass Oil 56 81 2018

Cinema club

Small Oil Paintings 2

Crows nest

Crows Nest Pastel 52 51 2018

Early Days

Schoolgirl imagesinspired by Alfred Bestall's splendid drawings,found in a 1920's

Countdown Oil c1975

Forthcoming attractions

Peace Conference Final Accord Private Collection

French House

A favourite haunt

Saturday Morning The French

Osborne Gallery

Osborne Calendar 2012

Peter Lewis Associates

Bell St Bikes 1978

Prints posters & poetry

Gun Room Cover for House Magazine

Russell Coates

When the sculptures have the space to themselves.

01 Sculpture R Cotes Museum Pencil 11 6 5 Crayon 1990s Copy

Scribes West Kensington

Where Luff's work was on permanent display for sales to members

The Venables and Staff Private Collection

Story Books

Carole Lombard Pencil Gouache 64 47 1978 Private Collection